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Fossilised vomit found from extinct reptile

British scientists say they have discovered what they believe to be the world's oldest fossilised vomit from a large marine reptile that lived 160 million years ago.

A Professor from the University of Greenwich, says the vomit, found in a clay quarry in northern England, sheds new light on the diet and eating habits of the ichthyosaur - a Jurassic age fish-like reptile with a long head, tapered body, and four flippers.

He says the vomit contains the shells of dozens of belemnites - tiny shellfish that were found in abundance in the water around Britain, which were a staple food for extinct marine reptiles.

While other examples of fossilised vomit have been discovered, the Professor says his sample is the oldest and of a grand scale.

We at The Vomitorium believe that this proves conclusively that beer was invented 161 million years ago!

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