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If you were amused by what you saw at The Vomitorium, here are some other sites that you might enjoy:

Vomit Related Stuff:

The Vomit Shop - Cool T-Shirts and stuff.

The Vomitorium Store - More Pavement Pizza than you can poke a stick at!

Spew Central - Home of the "Technicolor Yawn" design range.

Barf City - I Drink therefore I Barf!

The Puke Palace - Puking makes me sick! - Totally Sick!!!

The House of Ralph - Stylish apparel for the discerning vomiter.

Portal of Evil - your key to the web's weirdest and most obscure sites.

Skitzo - The World's Hottest Heavy Metal Puke Band! - Genuine Puke Art.

Other amusing sites:

Johnny Belch and The Burpettes - They Burp, they Fart and they Rock! - New CD out soon - check the site for MP3 previews of their hot new tracks!

POY-T-Shirts - Get your girlfriend into a Wet Tshirt! Loads of cool designs.

c n u t - Crisp Neutral Understated Trends - the lastest in Fashion Design.

Ernie The Wonder Buffalo - Visit the Canadian Prairies with Ernie and his pals

Rubber Chicken World featuring Dancing Merryl

Proton Girl - The coolest superhero on the planet!

Arnold the Amorous Penguin - He's a real party dude!

Bloody Mongrel - Amusing anecdotes relating to mongrels and bastards. We all know someone who belongs on their list...

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