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Barf Boy

People throw up all the time (some more than others), but it is rare that someone with a camera happens to be in the right time at the right place and still be sober enough to have the presence of mind and lightning reflexes required to capture such a "magic" moment.

If you are such a person, one of that exclusive few who has such a picture that you wish to share with the world, or if you are so driven by your desire for pukedom that you have created a piece of Vomit Art, then click on the button below to send it to us here at and we'll display it here in the Vomit Gallery for all and sundry to see.

Vomitorium Gallery

The Evidence

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  Twin brothers puking simultaneously - what are the odds of that happening?


  Another terrific projectile hurl.


  Ever wanted to give your boss the finger? Don't try this at home...


The ultimate barf is when you hurl so hard it comes out your nostrils. This guy REALLY knows how to barf hard!!!


  If you can't make it to the bathroom to barf, sometimes the kitchen sink is the next best thing!


  Here's your classic toilet bowl puke shot. Notice the excellent chunk texture in the spew?.


  Ever partied too hard at Halloween?
  This guy sure has!


  Classic projectile vomit - excellent spray volume. 10/10.


 Would you believe that man can puke in space?.


  We're thinking of lobbying the IOC to get vomiting made into an Olympic sport. Here's our pin up girl.


  Barf man Lance and his band of sickos.


  Lick it up weirdo!


  A powerful projectile chunder - achieved great distance apparently.


  I've heard of organic fertilizer, but I though it came out the other end!


  Picture quality is not flash, but I hear it was a pretty good spew.

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