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Listed below are the available merchandising shops for our affiliates.

Products include T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Coffee Mugs, Mousepads, Hats, Bags, Bumper Stickers, BBQ Aprons, Long Sleeve Tees, Nightshirts, Tank Tops, Camisoles, Ski Caps, Baseball Jerseys and more!
Listed below are our various design series. Click on a store to see the products, prices and sizes available for each design.

Rubber Chicken World

The Chook Shop  Featuring the "Funky Chicken" range of products.

The Chook Shed  Featuring the "Is that a Rubber Chicken in your Pocket?" range of products.

The Chook Pen  Featuring the "Happiness in only a Rubber Chicken away..." range of products.

The Vomitorium

The Vomitorium Store  Featuring the "Pavement Pizza" line of products.

The Vomit Shop  Featuring the "Projectile Vomit" range.

Barf City  Featuring the "I drink, therefore I barf" line of products.

Spew Central  Featuring the "Technicolor Yawn" line of products.

The Puke Palace  Featuring the "Puking makes me Sick!" line of products.

The House of Ralph  Stylish elegant apparel for the classy vomiter.

Johnny Belch and The Burpettes

Belcharama  Johnny Belch and The Burpettes merchandise.

Johnny Belch and The Burpettes @ MP3.com  Johnny Belch and The Burpettes MP3s and CDs.

Ernie the Wonder Buffalo

The Buffalo Shop  Ernie The Wonder Buffalo merchandise.

Arnold the Penguin

Arnold's Shopping Palace  Arnold The Amorous Penguin merchandise.

Proton Girl

The Proton Girl Store  Proton Girl merchandise.

Crisp Neutral Understated Trends

Crisp Neutral Understated Trends

The Classic cnut collection  Fashion for today, tomorrow and next week.

The popular Grey Splash series

The Understated range

The cnut Noise collection

The Fashion Boob Series

The Hard cnut collection

Cool Ultra Modern

The "cum Here" collection


The "Run with Scissors" range

The "Stare into the Sun" series


WET T-Shirts  Also WET Panties and other items.

Hot Stuff  Featuring the "HOT HOT HOT" range of products.

The Bob Store  Apparel for all the Bobs out there.

A Piece of Peace  Featuring the "Peace - give it a chance" design.

Another Piece of Peace  Featuring the "What is it good for?" series.

The Racing Tadpoles  Apparel for fans of the legendary rock group.

No Flies On Us  The home of the Great Australian Tee Shirt.


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