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I'll try to keep this up to date - if I get a bit slack send me an email and tell me to pull my finger out!

March 2002

Well, fancy that - me, a married man!

The Happy Couple

The wedding went well and everyone there seemed to have a great time. It was a wonderful day. Click here for more pics.

We've settled in to the new house. It's much bigger than the old one. We're only 2kms from the beach - it's a shame we had such a crappy summer this year weather-wise.

Priscilla's birthday on the 7th and then Easter is in March this year ...

October 2001

Busy times! We've sold the house and bought a new one. The move is set for the 9th of November, so we're busily packing. The wedding plans are coming along. Priscilla is now working at Yooralla in Carnegie. Dustin has quit his job at the toy factory and is working as a securuty guard at various locations. Niki has had braces fitted and we have bought another car.

Apart from that, there's not much happening...

June 2001

Dustin celebrated his 18th birthday on the 26th. Now he's ready for the nudie bars!

May 2001

Priscilla and I are officially engaged! Who'd have thought that would ever have happened?

The Ring    The Ring

Thanks to all those that attended the party and sent through their good wishes.

April 2001

Happy Easter! Niki had her birthday on the 4th.

March 2001

Priscilla's birthday was on the 7th. Nicole started working part time at Safeway in Clarinda. She's in the Deli section if you want to drop in and say hi. Dustin started working at Pagely's Toy Factory in Cheltenham. I'm off to Thailand on the 19th for a week, courtesy of IBM.

February 2001

Priscilla and I have started playing golf. I don't think Tiger Woods and Karrie Webb have too much to worry about, but at least we're getting out in the fresh air.

January 2001

Well, Kyle's visit came and went pretty quickly. We took him up to Mildura for a couple of days and travelled back through Echuca and Kyabram. Then to give him a bit of contrast we did some day trips to Anglesea and Sorrento by the beach.

December 2000

Merry Christmas everyone! Priscilla is excited about the impending arrival of her eldest son Kyle from Canada for a short vacation.

November 2000

Thanks to everyone who sent me birthday wishes. I had a great day, the weather was perfect, so I went to the beach, in the afternoon, then went out dinner and saw a movie in the evening.

October 2000

Cricket season is here, but not for me. I've seen the inevitable and hung up the whites. Old age, and a busy schedule that doesn't leave enough time to train have forced me into retirement.

September 2000

Footy season is over, but the Olympics are more than enough to keep the armchair enthusiasts happy. At this rate I'm going to be banned from the couch!

August 2000

Priscilla, Dustin and Nicole finally got their temporary visa's approved by the Department of Immigration. It only took 3 months. Originally we were told it could take 6 - 9 months!

Nicole and Dustin have now started school.

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