Yahoo Chat

I don't get the time to chat on Yahoo as much as I used to, but every now and then I sneak in there to cause as much havoc as I can.

Some of you know me as one name, some know that I have 2 or 3, but here is the most comprehensive listing of my identities ever published. Just click on a name to view the yahoo profile.


man_who_drinks_milo is so popular he has his own individual page on this site, where he explains his philosophies on life and even reveals his favourite Milo recipes! Click here to visit it.

kenneeekoala - the cutest, cuddly-est Koala on the net.

KevinCostners_twin ... he can't act, but he knows how to offend!

wombat_breath ... and you think dog breath is bad!

the_lone_ranger_99 - put into retirement after the passing of Clayton Moore, the original Lone Ranger on TV.

ray_martins_hairpiece - not a hair out of place!

harold_be_thy_name - you like the prayer ... "Our Father who art in heaven, Harold be thy name...

wayne_carey_1996 - resting up for next footy season.

fun_eee_guy - often doesn't live up to his name...

proton_girl now has her own website. Click here to visit it.