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Welcome to POYT International  

Amusing Sites.

POYT International is a corporation created specifically to handle the management of web based entertainment conglomerates. Some of the sites we are currently managing are:

The Vomitorium - everyone has had to throw up at some time in their lives. Sometimes this primeval urge just cannot be contained and it can happen at the most inopportune of moments! The Vomitorium is a place for people all over the world to share their vomit stories, be they side-splittingly funny, disgusting, sad, pathetic or just plain sick.

Johnny Belch and the Burpettes - the Kings of Burp Rock and one of the pioneers of electronic music distribution. After a decade in the wilderness the Burpsters are back in a big way!

Ernie The Wonder Buffalo - Ernie the Wonder Buffalo is the head of the herd and the undisputed King of the western plains that range from Texas to Alberta. Join Ernie and his pals as they wander the Canadian prairies and you can join in the Search for Buffalo, when the herd disappears.

Arnold The Amorous Penguin - a friend to me and you, Arnold has emmigrated north from his home is Antarctica, straight to your living room!

Rubber Chicken World - featuring The Adventures of Merryl and Delores, as well as Dancing Merryl, Rubber Chicken World is more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

Proton Girl - a new superhero has arrived, who'll clean the sidewalk with your sorry butts and give those villains a wedgie as soon as look at them! Read the serial that is taking the Net by storm.

The Racing Tadpoles - Smeg, Garry, Davo and Ted ... Four thirds of a Rock and Roll legend. Due to a tragedy involving a fridge magnet, a porcelain llama and a bottle of household detergent, we may never hear their unique brand of what is loosely described as "music" again, but thanks to the wonders of the internet we can experience the Taddies at their best.

The JunkYard Gods- the one hit wonders who passed through our lives faster than a speeding corvette. They burst onto the music scene like a supernova, with their smash hit "Illness and Fatigue" in the late 1980's and then vanished into obscurity faster than the speed of sound.